About Us


The ApothecaryŽ Genetics company started growing in the early 90's in Gig Harbor, Washington and has become one of the leading seed breeding companies since 1999.

"I became very ill and was looking for an alternative medication for my illness.  I realized then that I needed to  create ApothecaryŽ Genetics to provide an alternative solution.  Through my world travels, I have been able to find "land race strains" and breed them with hybrids to create World Class Medical Cannabis." - Bret Bogue

In 2004, Bret Bogue opened ApothecaryŽ Genetics in Northern California and through research and development created such strains as Grape Ape aka GDP, Old School Jams, KAIA Kush, 3-D, and Sour Grapes.  In 2009, ApothecaryŽ moved to Southern California to bring these genetics and many more for years to come. 



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