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OC NORML 8 Year Anniversary Party Tags: OC NORML 8 Year Anniversary Party


OC NORML 8 Year Anniversary Party
Friday, August 12th

7 PM to Midnight
Giovannis (Will Be Closing For Our Private Event)

922 W. Williamson in Fullerton on Euclid one street from Commonwealth

Indoor and Outdoor Area with Medication Area


Live Music, Great Raffles, Lots of Food, and Surprises!

$10 Donation to OC NORML

18+ and 21 for Alcohol


Vendor booths also available for $100


This event is for patients and non patients, please invite your friends to celebrate with us and have a great time!!!

Apothecary Senior Citizens Project Tags: Apothecary Senior Citizens Project

Roughly ten thousand people are becoming Senior Citizens everyday for the next 19 years, according to USA Today magazine.

In response to this growing population and the need for education about alternative medical solutions, the Apothecary Senior Citizens Project was started.

The purpose of the project was to educate seniors, their caregivers and loved ones about the science behind cannabis, its use with different aliments and application methods.  The Apothecary Senior Citizens Project brings seminars and education to convenient locations for seniors and incorporates people of their own age group in the learning process.

Many times a Senior citizen would rather listen to the advice of someone their own age dealing with similar health concerns or from respected medical professionals. There have been several events held since the inception.

The first event held was The Medical Cannabis Conference sponsored by Apothecary Genetics, GGECO University, and Orange County NORML, a chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

The Conference was held in the gated senior community of Laguna Woods, at the city auditorium in Orange County on Saturday, January 22, 2011.  Several hundred people attended the Conference, which featured spectacular panels and speakers from prestigious hospitals and research groups from around the country.

The two featured speakers at the conference were Dr. Donald Abrams from University of California San Francisco Medical School and San Francisco General Hospital Oncology Director, and Dr. William Courtney from Mendocino, CA.  Seniors learned about the background of Medicinal Cannabis, current research, and alternative methods of delivery that may be beneficial to their quality of health.

Following the Medical Cannabis Conference, several small retirement and religious senior groups have inquired about follow up seminars.

One seminar was recently held at the Jewish Temple Beth Ezmet in Anaheim.  The seniors seemed very interested in the new knowledge they acquired and had many good follow up questions to ask.

The Apothecary Senior Citizens Project has been invited to present another conference in June to provide more education and help seniors to make informed health decisions about their own body.

Additional seminars at other retirement communities are planned.

The Medical Cannabis Conference video with presentations of all speakers and panels will be available soon at www.ApothecaryGenetics.com for $10.

For more information about senior seminars please contact Kandice Hawes at Apothecary Public Relations [email protected] or call 714-928-9129.

The King of Kush in BigBuds Magazine Tags: king of kush bret bogue brett bigbuds

Article by Steve Davis, on Jul. 14th 2011

Bret Bogue is a renowned medical marijuana seed breeder and marijuana grow expert who has won the Cannabis Cup, been featured in High Times and several movies, created a medical cannabis university and helped bring the legendary Kush medical marijuana strain to its high prominence.  He’s the type of marijuana breeder, pioneer and activist who stands up to drug warriors and relentlessly pushes to improve marijiuana genetics, potency and legalization.

Bogue loves to teach marijuana cultivation techniques such as "super-cropping," and he revels in developing or improving strains such as Grape Ape, Tangerine Kush,  ChemDawg, Kaia Kush, Sour Grapes, Goo, Levity, and Very Berry Haze.

It’s no surprise they call Bret the “King of Kush.” Big Buds caught up with Bret Bogue as he multi-tasked his way through another OG Kush day in California…

Big Buds: Bret, when I heard them call you the King of Kush, I knew I had to start by asking you about the origins of Kush.
Bret Bogue:  OG Kush is originally from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Seeds were gathered in that region and brought to Florida in the early 1970’s and was grown there in the Latin American community until the late 1980’s.  By 1992, it had been brought to California.  A young breeder named Josh started making a buzz with OG Kush in the Hollywood/LA scene.  By 1995, Josh had given it to TH Seeds in Amsterdam, which is run by Adam Dunn. He also gave it to  B-Real from Cypress Hill.  Thanks in part to these three people, OG Kush became a hugely sought-after strain, with a top value of $7500 per pound.  Nowadays, there are many different variations of OG Kush, such as Larry OG, Snoop OG, Valley OG, Tahoe OG, and on and on. Many seed companies claim to have seeds of OG Kush, but there are so many variations, it’s difficult to know if you have the actual, original OG Kush.  The original is an Indica-based strain but over the years OG Kush has been crossbred into many different hybrids.

Big Buds: I heard that OG Kush is somehow related to Chemdawg.
Bret: Chemdawg originated on the East coast of USA.  There were 5 friends who created Chemdawg, Chemdawg 91, and Chem D.  These strains can only be found in cutting form.  There are certain companies who claim to have original seeds, but at this point, there’s no proof to back that up.  The crew continues to work on the east coast. Chemdawg is a hybrid Indica/Sativa mix.

See the full article here: http://bigbudsmag.com/grow/article/king-kush-marijuana-july-2011

LIVE GGECO Class Sign Up! (California) Tags: live class cannabis education marijuana
Sign up for LIVE GGECO University Classes at these locations!
Anaheim Private Reserve Collective
2623 W. Lincoln Ave. Ste. 103 Anaheim, CA 92801
Terra Holistic Collective
9757 Garden Grove Blvd. #5 Garden Grove, CA 92841
United Patient Services
1440 S. State College Blvd. Ste. 4B Anaheim, CA 92806
California Residents - Join the Collective! Tags: California collective medical marijuana cannabis

If you are a California resident and interested in joining the Apothecary Collective, please print and fill out these forms and FAX them along with your California I.D. and recommendation.

Please fill out and send  Collective Application & Membership Agreement  along with a Copy of California I.D. and your Medical Recommendation

  (949) 380-1224

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