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One of the groups that benefit most from the use of medical marijuana are people who experience chronic pain. Whether it is pain from an injury, a back problem, or a condition like fibromyalgia, experiencing pain regularly or all the time can be hugely debilitating, and can stop a lot of people from doing the things they want to do. One area where it can hold people back is in education, as it makes it difficult for sufferers to commit to things like going away to college to do a degree or masters program.

Online Studying

Fortunately, the internet can offer a lot of help for people who want to undertake further education but find that chronic pain – even with the help of medical marijuana and other medications – stops them from being able to reliably attend school. Some of the top colleges in America offer a vast range of online degrees, including both bachelors and masters programs like the MBA or the masters in social work.

Studying Around Your Condition

With good pain management, most people with chronic pain have some times in their day when they can comfortably study, without the pain limiting their ability to sit still for a period or distracting them from taking in what they are reading. If you understand the times when you feel best, it can be good to use these times to focus on studying, and to schedule your exams at times when you feel you are most likely to have your pain under control. With an online degree like an MSW online, you can work at your own pace, so even if it takes you longer to finish your course than it would for a student full time on a campus, you can still get there.

Career Prospects

You can, of course, do a degree just because you find it interesting and want to expand your knowledge and gain confidence. However, if you feel like in the future you will be able to work – whether full or part time, or even from home – then your online degree or masters will be a huge asset. It can also be a good way to change careers, if you previously had an active career you can no longer do because of your condition. You can study to start a new career that you can do from home or which requires less physical activity, for instance accountancy or web design. It has been shown that the vast majority of employers (91% and rising according to a 2014 Gallup poll) believe that it is the knowledge your degree represents that is important rather than where you got it, so having an online degree will prove no less valuable than one you did on campus when looking for work.

If you feel held back in your education or career by chronic pain, take a look at the online degrees available to you, and you may well find the future you want is within your reach.


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