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Bret Bogue's Secrets to Successful CBD Breeding Tags: bret bogue apothecary genetics cbd breeding

Bret Bogue, founder and president of Apothecary Genetics, has come up with 2 new strains that have tested remarkably high in CBDs.  Cannaberry and Early Wave have tested as high as 20+ percent CBD and 7% THC.  

"We have found that these strains work best with patients that are suffering from internal pain and inflammation.  We’ve also done some testing that would indicate that these strains seem to produce an even higher CBD level when grown in higher altitudes.  We believe that the cross between Early Wave and Catatonic and Catatonic X BlackBerry allows for these genetics to produce high CBD content."

"It is our hope that someday we can turn these strains into oils and tinctures that will be able to be sold over the counter in years to come."  For now, if you are interested in trying any of Apothecary Genetics high CBD strains, they are available online at ApothecaryGenetics.com or ApothecaryGenetics.co.uk.

"We are hoping by putting these strains out that people will start to breed and come up with even higher CBD strains in the future.  It has been our goal from the start of Apothecary to produce genetics that will enable further medical research and development of pharmaceutical grade cannabis.

We believe that for far too long, the cannabis industry has been held back by the pharmaceutical companies.  It is up to the genetic companies of the world to start taking control of their own genetics and help develop the modern medicines that we will apply to the pharmaceutical industry.  

In closing, we would hope with the new laws and progressive research that is going on, that the strains mentioned will be used for medications instead of using in conjunction with new developed chemo & radiation protocols to reduce the amount of treatments while increasing their dosage of cannabis."

Bret Bogue

Bret Bogue Expands Apothecary Genetics to Europe Tags: bret bogue apothecary geneitcs europe

Bret Bogue, founder of Apothecary Genetics, is pleased to announce that they are in negotiations with one of the largest distributors in Europe.

“Our plans would be to open up Apothecary Europe and have our new partners manufacture, distribute, and provide product fulfillment.  We feel joining forces with an international company will allow us to concentrate on one of the largest consumer bases as far as annual sales in the world.  Also with this unique partnership, it will allow Apothecary to turn it’s focus back on what made us what we are today with such strains as Grape Ape, Sour Grapes, Kaia Kush, Levity, SilverBack, and OG Jacure.

With all the success that we’ve had, it’s time that we offer our customers the most steady guaranteed products in the industry.  We’re also going to initiate a program for our loyal customers.  Once you purchase your souvenirs and you have received them, we will have a place on our site where you can go back and enter to win free merchandise and possibly even an opportunity for a trip to one of the destinations that Apothecary has a booth at.  What we’re asking for is that once you’ve received your gear that you tell us what type of medium you are using, what type of lights you are using, what type of fertilizer you are using, and most of all your pictures through the sprouting of the seeds to vegetating through pre-flowering and then periodic shots throughout the flowering and finally your finished product and if you have it done it, it would be nice to see the test as well.  Once you have submitted all the information online, we will select the winner.  

It is our hope by doing this to create an online dialog for any and all questions regarding cannabis and Apothecary Genetics so we can work as a team with each other to better grow and achieve maximum potential.”

Bret Bogue
Apothecary Genetics

The 21 Best Growroom Tips and Tricks from Pros
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Light Right

One of the common mistakes indoor growers make is not maximizing their light. Indoor gardens require a minimum 33 watts per square foot. For example, a standard 4’ x 8’ tray (32 sq feet) with two, 1000 watt HPS, you would achieve 62.5 watts per square foot, doubling the recommended amount of watts per square foot.

If you do not contain your light to the plants in the growing area, you waste your light by illuminating your walkways, walls, etc. You are not growing concrete or sheetrock, you are growing plants. It is extremely important that the light penetrate only the plants. The light should not escape the plant area.

The easiest and most cost effective way to contain your light is to use white plastic divider walls, leaving a 2” gap from the wall to the plants. By doing this, you should see a dramatic increase in your yields.

- Bret Bogue, Apothecary Genetics,

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Meet the King of Kush Tags: king of kush high times bret bogue apothecary genetics


The Goo hits Marijuana Growers Headquarters Tags: the goo marijuana growers headquarters hq apothecary genetics bret bogue strain review

Back in the early 1970’s The Goo wandered out of a University of Washington research laboratory and into a lab technicians pocket. This pure Thai sativa landrace found a new home with growers in the Gig Harbor area just across HWY 16 from Tacoma. In 1990, Bret Bogue of Apothecary Genetics received The Goo from friends in Gig Harbor and has done his part to help make it a familiar west coast strain. The Goo gets its swamp monster name from the extremely sticky buds and high resin content. When smoked it usually produces both an energetic happy buzz, as well as a relaxing body high. A word of caution; an indica dominant Afgani x Goo hybrid (Afgoo) is commonly mislabeled by dispensaries and sold unknowingly as The Goo. The Goo took home 2nd place in the 2005 Inglewood Cup and continues to impress both connoisseurs and medical cannabis users. Overall our reviewers enjoyed this sativa strain. We know you will too.

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