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ITAL SEEDS Wins 1st Place People's Choice Award @ 2015 HIGH TIMES Jamaican World Cannabis Cup Tags: cannabis cup ital seeds high times jamaica

ITAL SEEDS Wins 1st Place Best Booth @ HIGH TIMES 2015 Jamaican World Cannabis Cup Tags: ital seeds high times jamaica world cannabis cup

The Effects of Cannabis and other Natural Treatments on the Flu Tags: cannabis natural treatments flu alternative medicine

As we head into the winter months one thing that you can be assured of is that fifth additional season: flu season. Every year, between 5% and 20% of the entire population of the United States will catch the flu. Of those, an estimated 200,000 will be hospitalized; most worryingly, between 3000 and 49,000 people will die from complications surrounding the flu.

Flu is an aggressive creature. According to the masters of public health online at the University of Arizona, vaccines are adapted each year to make sure that people are protected against the numerous different strains of flu that appear every year. Vaccination is a powerful and effective tool against flu, but are there additional things that you can do to help discourage the symptoms of the flu virus?

There are countless natural remedies easily available to you to help ease that horrible flu feeling:

1# Cannabis

One of the many health benefits of medical marijuana is its effects on the symptoms of the flu. According to Dr David Allen, marijuana, and particularly Cannabidiol, a compound naturally found in the cannabis plant, may have effects on the immune system that might decreases the negative symptoms caused by the influenza virus.

What many people donít understand is that many of the adverse symptoms felt during an influenza infection are a response by the immune system to the virus. So, the common symptoms such as a runny nose, coughing and sore throat are really signs that the immune system is fighting off the virus. However, when the immune system is overactive, it may have debilitating effects and endocannabinoids have been shown to down regulate the immune system to make sure that the symptoms donít get out of hand.

#2 Ginger Tea

Ginger has numerous restorative qualities for an assortment of ailments but when it comes to flu, ginger helps keep you warm, acts as a decongestant and will go some way to help with the aches and pains that often arise with the flu virus. Simply simmer a pan of water with a piece of ginger for 20-45 minutes. strain into a cup and add a little honey and lemon. Not only is this tea healing, it's pretty tasty too.

#3 Vitamin C

A vitamin C rich diet will help your immune system fight off the flu. Supplements are easily available and taken 3-4 times daily will give you a boost. If you have an appetite then vitamin C rich food is a better option because you'll be receiving additional nutrients. Foods like oranges, guavas and bell peppers all have a high vitamin C content.

#4 Echinacea

This popular herb has been used by native Americans for hundreds of years as a general 'cure all' and with good reason. Extracts of Echinacea seem to have an effect on the body's immune system with research showing an increase in white blood cells amongst users. Echinacea is recommended to be taken at the early stages of flu as this is where it's seen to be most effective.

#5 Oregano Oil

Oregano extract is another remedy that has been used for hundreds of years by healers. It is mainly used for respiratory issues like coughs, sore throats, bronchitis and of course, flu. Oregano oil has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties meaning that it can assist with any number of early symptoms of flu. Oregano oil also settles the stomach and induces sweating which ensures that fevers are brought down.

Vaccines are essential to break the nationwide spread of flu in the United States. However, vaccines may not always work against all strains of flu, so be sure to consult your physician and try out some of our recommended therapies.

Using Cannabis to Help You Study Tags: cannabis study brain effects stress college

Youíve already heard a lot about the benefits of cannabis when it comes to treating a variety of medical
conditions, but did you know that cannabis could also have a positive effect upon your brain?

It turns out that using cannabis can actually help you study more effectively. So if youíre currently attending a prestigious school like Boston University and youíre moving through a program to complete your masters in CIS, your online computer information systems degree, your nursing degree, your MBA, or any other tough curriculum, keep reading to learn about the benefits that cannabis can provide.

Protect Your Brain from the Effects of Stress

Going to college for any degree can put a lot of stress on your body and on your brain. But if you use cannabis, you can protect your brain from the effects of chronic stress, which means you can protect yourself from emotional ailments like depression and anxiety as well. This is because the cannabinoids that are found within marijuana can protect you from the deficits and disorders that commonly occur when the brain is under stress.

Improve Your Short-Term Memory

Do you have trouble remembering things, especially when you need to study for an upcoming exam or recall important facts to move along from one course to another? It turns out that a daily dose of THC, which is found naturally in cannabis, could improve your short-term memory. Researchers found that rats that received THC had better learning abilities, so it can help you study more easily and help you retain that information more clearly as well.

Assist Your Brainís Growth

The human brain never stops growing because of a process known as neurogenesis that allows new brain cells to constantly be created. When you use cannabis, youíre helping this process along, according to recent studies that found CBC could improve the growth of brain cells. The developing brain cells that CBC supports are actually a vital component of your brainís health and function. So just as you exercise your muscles to keep them growing and keep them strong, you can do the same for your brain. †

Slow Down the Brainís Aging

Every part of your body, including your brain, will age, but if you use cannabis, you can slow down the brainís aging process, thereby improving your memory and keeping your mind as healthy as possible. Studies have even suggested that cannabis might be able to reverse the effects of brain diseases that include Alzheimerís disease. This is because cannabis can help remove damaged cells and boost the effectiveness of mitochondria in brain cells. This reduces inflammation within the brain and could result in a brain that functions better overall.

Researchers are finding a lot of positive effects that are associated with the use cannabis, so it is not a plant that should be feared any longer. As more states begin to legalize the use of marijuana, hopefully even more research will be possible and more will be discovered about the many ways that cannabis can help both the body and mind.

Technology Trends in the Medical Cannabis Field Tags: technology trends medical cannabis mmj

As more and more states begin to legalize cannabis in some way or another from total recreational legalization, to medical marijuana laws in varying degrees to decriminalization, the industry is ripe for technological advances in terms of how patients receive treatment, how they find their medicine and even in wearables that track a patientís responses to various strains high in CBDs or through the consumption of oils and edibles.

It is a fledgling industry, not yet available in all 50 states but there are currently 24 states with legalized medical or recreational cannabis on the books, 6 more on the ballots for November and then there is the nationís capital, the District of Columbia that went legal in recent times. So what then are the technology trends in the medical cannabis field that are having a profound impact on patients? Here are a few.

Digital Connection with Patients

Google, just last year, mandated that everyone with a website should go mobile friendly or be penalized because more people search via mobile devices than via desktop PCs. In fact, walk into any electronics store or even at the computer department of Walmart and you will see maybe one or two Ďall-in- oneí desktops but a wide array of laptops and tablets. You will also find a huge selection of smartphones. This is how cannabis patients search for dispensaries where they can get their medicine and if they are in a new area of their state, it is an invaluable asset to have a mobile friendly site.

However, that is not the only way in which the industry connects with consumers. Almost every dispensary on the face of the earth has a minimum of a Facebook and Twitter account and so the industry uses technology to go social. Information is passed on in this manner for the safe consumption of medical marijuana and specialists in healthcare informatics can track key metrics to gauge where there are high concentrations of patients so as to have a better idea of stocking to supply a need.

Speaking of Metrics Ė Health Informatics Is a Key Issue

A very large part of getting medical cannabis on the ballot is in providing key metrics to be analyzed by local and state authorities. Being that medical marijuana is a Ďnewí industry, these metrics are critical in measuring a need within society in terms of how people are using the plant and if there is a great enough acceptance within the population to warrant looking into the matter of legalization.

Leading universities offer health informatics graduate degrees and these are the professionals who have the expertise to develop applications that track the success and/or failure of cannabis in treating patients based on a given diagnosis. University of Illinois health informatics is one program that has produced career oriented professionals who have the expertise to design and develop health informatics platforms to assess the needs of cannabis patients in real time.

So then, you could say there are two very distinct ways in which technology trends are impacting the medical cannabis industry. The first is in the dissemination of information to the general public in terms of locating a dispensary and in educational literature as to the pros and cons of medical vs recreational use. However, the biggest impact to the industry is healthcare informatics that provide key metrics in real time that improve patient care as well as provide real and ongoing statistics for analysis by local, state and federal governments. A degree in computer science with a health care focus is without a doubt on the cutting edge of the medical cannabis industry and is one degree in need of concerned healthcare workers and techies alike.

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