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Examining How Medical Marijuana Helps Those with Anxiety
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Given that cannabis has something of a reputation for causing paranoia, especially in higher doses, it might seem counter intuitive to discuss its anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties, but cannabis can in fact be very effective when used for this purpose. Thousands of cultures across the globe and throughout history have used cannabis preparations in a number of different recreational, spiritual, and medical contexts.

The cannabis plant is a complicated organism. Not only does it contain a dizzying array of compounds including many different cannabinoids, but as a material it has found numerous uses, from making rope and paper, to clothes and fuel. Despite the widespread and ancient use of cannabis as a medicine, it is only relatively recently that it has gained widespread acceptance for its medical properties. While it is still illegal in much of the world, the use of medical cannabis is increasing. Some patients make use of the plant itself, others specific extracts. There are a great many cannabinoids present in cannabis. These are the compounds which bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body, causing the drugs effects.

Medical Marijuana

Cannabis is now legal for medical and recreational use in many parts of the United States, and as such it is increasingly being seen on insurance claims. Those who have trained to work in medical billing and coding through organizations such as are seeing an increase in the number of claims for exams related to anxiety disorders which result in the prescription of medical marijuana.

Whatís in Cannabis?

The most well known of the substances in cannabis is THC, this is the substance which is responsible for the high that cannabis causes. It has additional mechanisms of action which are useful medically, but also has the effect of creating a stimulating effect in users. High levels of THC are linked to the feelings of anxiety that cannabis causes some users. THC is only produced in female cannabis plants.

However, things are more complex than that. There is another compound in cannabis called CBD which is present in both male and female cannabis plants and does not produce a high. However, CBD does have a wide range of potential medical uses, in fact the majority of the medical effects of cannabis are mediated through CBD. CBD is also believed to act as Ďa breakí on some of the effects of THC. Cannabis strains with higher CBD content are known to have more relaxing effects on users. This compound could therefore be useful in treating anxiety.


The body produces a number of cannabinoids naturally, and these are known as endocannabinoids. These compounds have roles to play in the regulation of mood, appetite, sleep and pain, to name just a few processes. Medical cannabis increases the production rate of these substances which means that the body is able to perform certain functions more efficiently. Research has also shown that patients who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety have lower levels of some endocannabinoids.

Medical marijuana has shown great potential as a treatment for anxiety disorders in a variety of patients.

6 Reasons to Consider a Job in Healthcare
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Are you considering a career in healthcare? There will be a multitude of professions within different organizations to complement your skills and needs. If youíre unsure if itís the right field for you, here are six reasons to consider a job in healthcare.

1. You Can Work Anywhere in the World

Every country across the world has a strong demand for healthcare professionals, so you can trust you will never struggle to secure a new job in a different medical organization. So, wherever you want to live, whatever you want to do, you may easily find your dream career in your desired location. The portable skills will, therefore, provide greater career flexibility, as you will never be restricted to one town, city, or country.

2. Meet New People Every Day

Working in healthcare will provide the perfect opportunity to meet different people every day. Not only will you get to know your colleagues, but you will connect with patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals both within and outside your chosen field. Whatís more, you will regularly interact with scientists, technology specialists and researchers to improve modern healthcare.

3. Youíll Earn a Good Salary

Are you hoping to earn a good salary every month? You should seriously consider entering the healthcare industry. Of course, different professions will provide different salaries. However, there are some careers that are both financially and personally rewarding. For example, a gynecologist will not only improve healthcare for the female reproductive system, but they can often receive an excellent annual salary. Learn how much gynecologists earn every year in countries across the world by visiting

4. Enjoy Many Career Opportunities

Are you looking for a job that allows you to climb the ladder? If so, a healthcare role could be an intelligent career choice. There will be multiple opportunities for you to advance in your career and enjoy a bigger salary through hard work and experience.

5. Experience a Sense of Satisfaction

Of course, the biggest reason to embrace a role in healthcare is to experience a feeling of satisfaction at the end of every working day. Each day you will know you have taken steps to improve both the health and wellbeing of many patients, so your hard work will have a positive impact on society. It is, therefore, the ideal position for someone who wants to make a difference to peopleís lives.

6. Embrace a Varied Career

No two days will ever be the same when choosing a job in healthcare. Regardless of whether you decide to become a nurse, doctor, midwife, or surgeon, you can guarantee your chosen position will keep you on your toes. Youíll never know what is going to happen and when youíll need to make an important decision, which can provide an exciting career in a rewarding industry.

Have you got any helpful tips for a budding healthcare professional? Are you looking to enter the industry? Please donít hesitate to share your advice and stories in the below comment area.

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Mouthwash
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Everyone knows the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene, not just to keep yourself looking
decent aesthetically but also to maintain your overall health. The oral cavity is the primary entrance
point for germs and other disease-causing pathogens, so keeping it clean ensures that your overall
health isn't compromised unnecessarily due to the presence of bacterial plaque and tartar that can
eventually result in serious problems. Aside from the obvious general health and appearance
concerns, here are five specific reasons why you should consider adding mouthwash to your oral
hygiene regimen:

1. Reaching Areas Toothbrushes Can't
The main reason to use mouthwash is because it can get to surfaces that your toothbrush can't in
order to dislodge food particles, kill germs, and wash away soft plaque before it calcifies and turns
into tartar. Thus, using a combination of brushing, gargling with mouthwash, and flossing is the best
approach to keeping a fully clean mouth. However, not all mouthwashes are the same, so it's
important to compare features and reviews using non-partisan user-based sites like Indreviews
before making your selection.

2. Better Breath
One of the more desirable benefits of using mouthwash is the fact that it instantly freshens your
breath. While brushing also freshens breath, mouthwash adds a much stronger minty smell that
outlasts the odor that toothpaste gives. Since bad breath is caused by having an unclean mouth,
throat, or upper respiratory tract, it's advisable to gargle thoroughly with the mouthwash. While
gargling, you may also want to change the tone of the gargle to allow the fluid to reach different
parts of the throat.

3. Preventing Tooth Decay
Letting bacteria stay in the mouth for extended periods of time might not cause any immediately
noticeable symptoms other than bad breath, but even if you don't become visibly sick, eventually
that bacteria is going to do insidious damage to your teeth. Using mouthwash kills germs, which are
the root cause of tooth decay.

4. Whiter Teeth
Although toothpastes and whitening strips do a great job of keeping teeth white, they're much less
convenient to use than mouthwash. A quick diluted swish of mouthwash after a cup of coffee can do
a lot to keep stains from forming on your enamel. Plus, mouthwash has a synergistic effect that
improves toothpaste's ability to remove plaque and germs from the teeth.

5. Healthier Gums
Finally, gum health is extremely important and may just be the most important aspect of dental
health overall. When your gums are compromised, bacteria can enter into spaces between the teeth and gum, eventually leading to periodontal disease, painful abscessed teeth, and a range of other consequences.

How Often Should You Use Mouth Wash?
Although it's best to follow the specific recommendations listed on the bottle of mouthwash you're
using, in general, most products recommend rinsing twice every 24 hours. If exceptionally bad
breath persists then you may want to start drinking more water, make positive dietary changes,
and/or discuss the possibility of halitosis with your physician.

A Look at the History of Medicare
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Medicare was introduced in 1965 under the presidential leadership of Lyndon Johnson. It was quite obvious the older generation needed help when it came to health insurance, so Congress put through Medicare to provide health insurance to those 65 years of age and older, regardless of their situation. This wasnít the first time the idea had come to light, as it was first thought of more than 100 years ago.

National Health Insurance Goes Back to 1912

It was President Teddy Roosevelt who had a plan in place to provide health insurance to the public, and it was one of the reasons why he was elected. However, it took more than 30 years for the bill to be considered and it was under President Harry Truman in 1945 when it was eventually declined - the government didnít think it was a viable solution to the publicís health problems. Unfortunately, it took another 20 years for the bill to pass and even John F. Kennedy couldnít bring the bill into play.

John F. Kennedy Pushed for the Bill

John F. Kennedy also wanted to push for the health insurance bill, but he, too, was unsuccessful. It wasnít until 1965 when President Lyndon Johnson signed off on the bill that it eventually became a reality. According to public research, more than 50% of Americans over the age of 65 were without health insurance until Medicare came into play. If youíre studying an MHA degree online Ė learning about the history of Medicare and its benefits could play a crucial role in shaping your health administration career in the future. Many students use online masters in health administration programs via Maryville University to help secure their Online MHA Degree, but only a few students know how Medicare was formed.

Medicare Now Serves More Than 55 Million Americans

Medicare is now relied upon by millions of Americans Ė and itís now one of the bills that have proven to be the most successful. On Medicareís 50th anniversary, statistics showed more than 55 million Americans have had help with their health issues through a Medicare program. In 2013 alone, benefits of more than $580 billion were paid out, which contributed to 14% of the governmentís federal budget. Itís a bill that the likes of the previous presidents would be proud of Ė especially the ones like President Teddy Roosevelt who first brought the bill in-house.

While Medicare is providing insurance cover to billions of citizens of the United States, it still does need some changes to help cover other Americans in different age brackets. Most people are automatically covered by Medicare as soon as they reach 65, so some drastic changes could eventually come into play in terms of lowering the age. Will Medicare continue to become a huge success in the future? Or wonít the necessary changes be made to help improve health insurance packages for everyone? Some changes are currently in the pipeline, but itís not certain what the future of Medicare holds. †††††

Why Nursing Is the Right Field for You
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Not too long ago, we talked about different ways you can get into healthcare or the medical field in general without attending medical school. There are ways you can build a career in this industry and becoming a nurse is one of them.

Nursing is a field that is not only promising career-wise. It also offers a wide range of rewards you donít always get from other professions. Nurses are critical parts of modern healthcare too. If youíre considering a career in nursing, these top reasons why the field is right for you will convince you to get started.

A Promising Career

Nursing doesnít just offer a rewarding work life. While you do help a lot of people every day and you get that incredible feeling every time you see them smile after treatments, there is something that the profession also offers: job security.

The demand for professional nurses continues to grow as the healthcare industry grows. Considering that healthcare is the fastest-growing industry on the market today, a career in nursing is certainly appealing.

At the same time, nursing offers a clear and promising career path. You can pursue a managerial position in this field by pursuing a master of science in nursing from Norwich University or other reputable universities. Modern hospitals even have CNOs (Chief Nursing Officers), a position filled only by the best nurses.

Useful Life Skills

Nursing is also a profession that lets you master many important life skills. From classes you take to become a registered nurse to the RN to MSN online program you take to improve, you will learn skills that arenít just useful on the job but also useful in everyday life.

You will learn about the healthcare system in general, which means you can help those around you navigate the complexity of our healthcare system with ease. You will also pick up skills such as time management and how to handle stressful situations, making you more prepared for dealing with lifeís challenges.

Challenges to Overcome

If you love a good challenge, then the field of nursing is for you. The environment in which you will work is as challenging as it gets, but not in a negative way. Nurses spend most of their time keeping up with the needs of their patients. It is a fast-paced career that lets you savor every moment of it.

As mentioned before, it is also a very rewarding career emotionally. Sure, there will be ups and downs; every profession has good and bad moments. At the end of the day, however, you can always smile knowing that youíve helped a lot of people.

On top of it all, it is a field that lets you get started right away. There are many programs that can help you become a registered nurse. There are many opportunities to explore too, especially with the growing healthcare market. All you have to do is take that first step. Venture into the field of nursing, build a career as a professional in this field, and enjoy the many rewards you will get in return.


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