Examining How Medical Marijuana Helps Those with Anxiety
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Given that cannabis has something of a reputation for causing paranoia, especially in higher doses, it might seem counter intuitive to discuss its anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties, but cannabis can in fact be very effective when used for this purpose. Thousands of cultures across the globe and throughout history have used cannabis preparations in a number of different recreational, spiritual, and medical contexts.

The cannabis plant is a complicated organism. Not only does it contain a dizzying array of compounds including many different cannabinoids, but as a material it has found numerous uses, from making rope and paper, to clothes and fuel. Despite the widespread and ancient use of cannabis as a medicine, it is only relatively recently that it has gained widespread acceptance for its medical properties. While it is still illegal in much of the world, the use of medical cannabis is increasing. Some patients make use of the plant itself, others specific extracts. There are a great many cannabinoids present in cannabis. These are the compounds which bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body, causing the drugs effects.

Medical Marijuana

Cannabis is now legal for medical and recreational use in many parts of the United States, and as such it is increasingly being seen on insurance claims. Those who have trained to work in medical billing and coding through organizations such as best-medicalbillingcoding.com are seeing an increase in the number of claims for exams related to anxiety disorders which result in the prescription of medical marijuana.

What’s in Cannabis?

The most well known of the substances in cannabis is THC, this is the substance which is responsible for the high that cannabis causes. It has additional mechanisms of action which are useful medically, but also has the effect of creating a stimulating effect in users. High levels of THC are linked to the feelings of anxiety that cannabis causes some users. THC is only produced in female cannabis plants.

However, things are more complex than that. There is another compound in cannabis called CBD which is present in both male and female cannabis plants and does not produce a high. However, CBD does have a wide range of potential medical uses, in fact the majority of the medical effects of cannabis are mediated through CBD. CBD is also believed to act as ‘a break’ on some of the effects of THC. Cannabis strains with higher CBD content are known to have more relaxing effects on users. This compound could therefore be useful in treating anxiety.


The body produces a number of cannabinoids naturally, and these are known as endocannabinoids. These compounds have roles to play in the regulation of mood, appetite, sleep and pain, to name just a few processes. Medical cannabis increases the production rate of these substances which means that the body is able to perform certain functions more efficiently. Research has also shown that patients who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety have lower levels of some endocannabinoids.

Medical marijuana has shown great potential as a treatment for anxiety disorders in a variety of patients.


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