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GGECO University - Online Cannabis Education

http://www.ggecouniversity.com | GGECO University was founded in 2009 to provide patients, their families, and others interested in receiving education about medical cannabis and its applications. GGECOUniversity.com is an online school with two courses, Basic & Advanced. The Basic Course consists of 101 - Understanding the Law 101 - Medical Cannabis 101 - Cannabis in the Kitchen 101 - Horticulture 101 - Budtending The Advanced Course consists of 201 - Medical Cannabis with Dr. Courtney 201 - Horticulture - Greenhouse with Bret Bogue 201 - Law - Dispensary 202 - Law - Non-Profit Learn to produce and provide quality medicine on your terms. Whether you are a new patient, or have been in the industry for many years, you can count on a complete curriculum and a positive learning experience. Education is our Top Priority As patients ourselves, we know many patients may not be able to attend classes at a physical location in which an Online Education system is most appropriate. By offering our classes online, patients around the world will have access to this beneficial curriculum. Through the Internet, our classes are available in most countries around the world. The GGECO University faculty has real-world, international experience and techniques that you'll be able to apply in your own garden. "A quality education is what you can expect. It is our goal at GGECO University to make sure you receive that and a whole lot more."
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