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GGECO University - Bret Bogue - Super Cropping

http://www.ggecouniversity.com | GGECO University was founded in 2009 to provide patients, their families, and others interested in the emerging cannabis industry our state of the art, up-to-date information in the legal, medical, culinary, and horticultural areas in an easy online video format! We will be continuing to grow through 2010 in the hopes of becoming the largest online provider of cannabis education in the United States. It is our intention to team up with the most prominent figures in the Medical Marijuana industry to provide quality education today for a thriving cannabis industry. We have designed our course so that no matter what state you're in regardless of the current medical laws, you'll be able to get the most current and up to date medical information available. So when you're ready to learn, just choose your state and begin a medical transformation!
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